Contextual overview:

The organization has never lagged behind for the implementation of welfare activities in the sphere of women empowerment, health, education, environment, devolvement of child/ Youth / adolescent & rural area etc. However the dossier all activities were approved by the general body of “Savera Society for Human Initiatives”.

1. Women empowerment.

(a) Women Literacy: Constructive steps were taken up to make the illiterate women literate. The reading and learning materials were provided by the organization from its available resources. The women volunteers of SSHI have acted as facilitators to this effect. Altogether 250 illiterate women have become literate through expending the theme that reading and learning is a lifelong process without any distinction of class, caste and religion. Location: Hapur.Garh,Simbhaoli, Pilkhua, Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh.
(b) Family Counseling: During the year, 10 family disputes have been settled without interference of third party such decision were taken up by a Jury consisting up impartial elder persons of concern villages.
(c) Solid waste management for housewives: Generally the housewives of country side are habituated on throwing the solid waste of house hold cattle shed and agriculture firm here and there. In order to dispose the solid waste for economic benefits compost, pits were demonstrated for converting into bio-fertilizers / organic compost.

2. Rural development:

(a) Income generating training to unemployed youths: Venue: IMIT Campus, Hapur
Trade: Computer Operation: In order to create opportunities for self-employment and job placement, in favor of unemployed youth, specifically that minority community, this training was organized at a rented building. The Inspection was invited having good track records of educational qualification and experience. Computer and other accessories for learning were provided by the organization from its own resources.
(b) Conservation of Bio-diversity: Since Bio-diversity implies 3 basic concepts -genetic, species and ecosystem which provides effective instrumentality upon the rural poor in their sustainable livelihood, conservation of bio-diversity is proved inhabitable among villagers. It is a fact of the bio-diversity is threaten chiefly is due to population growth, industrialization, excessive resource demand, introduction of exotic species, atmospheric pollutants etc. Erosion of bio-diversity is due to socio-economic change of human society on following causal factors:
• Unsustainable production and consumption pattern.
• Human population growth.
• Globalization of trade
• Poverty
• Land use policies
• Poor governance
• Ineffective intersectional co-ordinations.
• Fragmented decision making.
• Loss of cultural identity and spiritual value.
• Insufficient scientific and implementation situation.
• Limited use of scientific and local knowledge.
• Poor understanding about role of bio-diversity.

Biodiversity day

During the convention on biological diversity in 1992, the genetic resources and traditional knowledge were often taken from community people by NGO’s. Now the biodiversity conservation has been proved a spectacular form the small/marginal farmers who are now on continuing loss of agriculture outcome. Hence the maintenance of agro bio-diversity is essential on their part to adopt bio-fertilizers & pesticides instead of chemicals and the resource person have highlighted the process of maintenance of agro-bio-diversity. Which was file appreciated by the poor farmers.
(c) Awareness drives on consumer welfare: While observing the world consumer welfare day on 15.03.2013, An Awareness meeting was held at community level inviting the villagers and pry-members. The viable concept on consumer’s requirement was provided to the community people on following concept.
• Price like of essential commodities.
• Consumer’s rights to refer the district level & state level authority against unholy traders.
• Nexus between middle person & traders.
• Quality of commodities through laboratory test.
• Viability & feasibility off opening a fare price shop on co-operative basis.
(d) Setting up a counseling Centre: Venue: Premises of IMIT, Hapur.
In order to provide timely counseling to the school going & dropout students a counseling centre has been setup at above venue. The counseling activities were provided to the school going student preferably during final examination and the counseling on difference options for future life were provided to the dropout adolescents with full satisfaction of the adolescents & the organization. Now the counseling centre comprises of a counselor and a data entry operator. At intervals specialists are invited to assess the progress of the centre. The counseling inputs, in some cases are secret without any legal implication. However this is one of ongoing program.

3. Observation of National / International days:

 With hearty co-operation of members, staffs, volunteers and beneficiaries the following National / International days were observed at the premises of organization.

S.No. Days Date
1 World health day 07-04-2013
2 World environmental da 05-06-2013
3 Independence day 15-08-2013
4 Literacy day 08-09-2013
5 World peace and non violence day 02-10-2013
6 Children’s day 14-11-2013
7 World AIDS day 01-12-2013
8 National youth day< 12-01-2014
9 Anti-Leprosy day 13-01-2014
10 Republic day 26-01-2014
11 World women’s day 08-03-2014
12 World consumer welfare day 15-03-2014